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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Getting To Be A Habit - Birmingham Fazeley Canal

Before I begin, I'd like to apologise for the delay in bringing you this post. Things have been a bit hectic at home and I've not had chance to sit down and write for a few days, but we're here now.

So, once again it was back to the tow path of the Fazeley. This time I ventured further along the canal, to near Bromford Lane, not only to try different swims, but on walking down onto the tow path by Tyburn House, I'd noticed an oily slick on the surface. I'm not sure if it was oil or diesel, but from Tyburn Bridge, it stretched in both directions, only coming to a stop near Bromford Lane Bridge.

I, as I imagine all anglers worth their salt found this quite distressing and doing my good deed for the day, called up the Environment Agency to report the matter. To now they have yet to get back to me with any updates, but walking over Tyburn Bridge a couple of days ago, the oily mess seemed to have gone, thankfully.

My "go to" float for canal fishing
Anyway, back to the fishing. I balled in three large balls of 50/50 mix of Sensas 3000 Canal and Sensas Sweet Fishmeal Krill, laced with hempseed, and red and white maggots. I tackled up with my Leeda 12ft Concept GT rod with the float tip, coupled with the Ron Thompson Centrepin reel loaded with 4lb line. Once again I fished what is not becoming my "go to" float rig for the canal, a 1.5AA canal type waggler locked to the line with 2xBB shot and 2xNo.6's with 2xNo.6 and 2xNo.8 shot spaced out, finished off with a size 20 Kamasan B510 hook to 1lb 4oz hook length.

Light and trusted combination - Leeda 12ft Concept GT rod
and Ron Thompson Centrepin reel.
Things were a little slow to start but after 20 minutes or so, I started to get a couple of bites, many of which I missed with the red and white maggot hook bait combination.

A roach and a handful of perch to 3oz came to to the bank before things went quiet for a few minutes. Next time the float went under I struck into something far more substantial.

The rod bent round and the resistance this time was way more than I'd had up until now. Was it a carp? A tench maybe? No! It was a bream, and a good one too, tipping the scale at the 2lb mark. A fish in excellent condition and very welcome amongst all those smaller examples.

The only "netter" of the morning - A beautiful 2lb
Fazeley bream.
After that I had a couple more small perch and then the swim died. So it was time to move. I headed in the direction of home, settling on a swim with a large overhanging tree just on the bend. I baited up with my usual approach and cast to the far side of the main channel. Nothing happened for a while and I was beginning to think that maybe nothing was in the swim, but then bites started to come. Three, four, five perch to 3 or 4 ounces come to my red and white maggot hook bait., showing the prevalence of the species in the Fazeley Canal right now.

Another of the prevalent Fazeley perch.
So, three trips, three mornings of excellent sport on the Birmingham Fazeley Canal, seems to be getting to be a habit! I must try and venture further afield. I'm doing some research on the pools at Sutton Park, mostly Blackroot and Bracebridge pools but with an eye also to Powell's, and I'll be on the hunt for big bream, carp and a few tench.

That's all for now folks, 'til next time. Tight lines!